08/26/2013 - Angry Birds



The 2013 Orioles have one thing their mind. Revenge. They were a couple of hits, a couple less defensive mishaps, a couple more innings of play away from taking that first championship. It's one year later and the hitting is better, pitching is better and defense seemed to have found its way, until the last 10 games or so (Orioles have made 22 errors in their last 10 games). They will need to shut it down on defense in order to be successful.  


This Thursday, the 12-6 Orioles will play host to the 9-9 Red Sox, in the best-of-five, first round matchup. The Orioles went 4-2 versus the Red Sox in the regular season, scoring 59 runs and taking advantage of the Red Sox 20 errors in just 6 games. 


The Orioles core players look to continue their hot hitting ways and great pitching performances. Home Run Derby winner, Marc-André Lavoie (.463, 1HR, 16RBI), lead-off hitter Eric Boulard (.443, 0HR, 11RBI) and Eric Paquette (.344, 0HR, 17RBI) look to be key contributors at the plate. Lavoie, Paquette and Trevor Niemi will also be asked to eat up most of the playoff innings on the mound.